About Us

The Company

Sointula Wild Seafoods & Smokehouse is the provincially licensed fish-smoking facility on Malcolm Island, off the north end of Vancouver Island on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Wild Sea Smokes is the retail brand of Sointula Wild Seafoods & Smokehouse.

At Sointula Wild Seafoods we work directly with local fishermen to achieve a mutually beneficial relationship where they are paid above-market rates for their catch and, in return, we receive the freshest fish, perfectly handled.

We are committed to using the finest ingredients – hand-harvested grey salt; certified organic and fair trade sugars; certified organic maple syrup, agave nectar and other sweeteners; and certified organic herbs and spices. We use natural wood smoke. All our products are gluten free.

The People

Production manager Nick Orton, born in Halifax and raised in Victoria, came to Sointula in 2003 to take on the local smokehouse that produced the best salmon jerky he’d ever tasted. Drawing on his experiences in the commercial fishing and organic trade worlds, he applied his personal stamp to this product, Smoked Wild Salmon Stix.

Nick has worked extensively in housing and worker co-ops and currently sits on the board of Fairtrade America. He is a past director of Fairtrade Canada.

Owner Barb Horricks started life in Edmonton, wound up in Victoria and followed Nick up Vancouver Island to help out in the new adventure. She brought with her a keen interest in locally grown, high-quality food; organic agriculture and food production; and the roles of herbs and spices in cooking and good health.