About Custom Smoking


2016 Custom Smoking Price List

Points to Consider
All fresh fish arriving in the plant by 4 p.m. is processed (cut-and-freeze fresh fish only) that day, ready for transport the following morning. Please make arrangements ahead of time of you’re going to be later than 4 p.m. bringing your fish in.

All fish destined for smoking are immediately flash frozen and then processed at the first available opportunity. We strive to smoke it in three weeks or less, but this can be delayed. If delivery time is important, please discuss this when you bring your fish in.

We use as many certified organic and fair trade products as possible, and we use only natural wood smoke.

We use no artificial flavourings, colouring or nitrates. All our products are gluten free.

Handling Procedures: The Bottom Line
Wild fish from the ocean maintain the taste and consistency of the moment they are caught if they are handled well from the start. The following steps need to be adhered to, to ensure your precious catch remains at its peak flavour.

Treat your fish to the best of your ability and with respect, and they will reward you with delicious food energy throughout the winter every time you pull a piece from the freezer. You and your family and friends will thank you for the care you took at the outset.

Bleed the fish out when they come over the side of the boat. Your guide will help you with this.
Immediately put your fish on ice. Flake or cube ice is best, as the ice can nestle into the nooks and crannies for even cooling.

Get your fish to your processor within 24 hours. Except for coho salmon, cleaning is not necessary, but leave the collar intact if you do gut. Your finished product will be the better for it. We can do the cleaning for you, but it’s part of your incoming weight and therefore charged back to you. Gut coho right after they’re bled.

If you are unfamiliar with how to handle sport-caught fish, talk to us or chat up people on the dock. Sport fishers, as a general rule, are very generous with their knowledge, often based on years of experience.

DFO regulations demand that the fish come to us on the frame with the tail intact for species identification. Health safety rules dictate that we cannot accept fish you have fileted yourself for smoking.