Salmon Jerky

Smoked Wild Salmon Stix
Thin “stix” of salmon are dry-brined, rinsed, drained and racked. They are chilled and dried overnight, then smoked and cooked with our unique blend of wood chips. After a rest in the cooler, they are vacuum-packed and labeled, ready to ship to their final destination.

Ingredients: Wild salmon; certified organic and fair trade cane sugar; direct fair trade, raw cane sugar; hand-harvested, Celtic grey salt; syrup; natural wood smoke.

Cut from wild chum salmon. Sockeye may be available in high-run sockeye years. Sold in 36 gram packages.

Flavoured with certified organic maple syrup, certified organic maple syrup with certified organic ground black pepper, wildflower honey or house-made apple syrup made with 100% certified organic ingredients.

Characteristics: chewy; a little sweet, a little salty – but not too; shelf-stable. High-energy food. Great for snacks.

Smoked Wild Sweet Jerky
Flat strips of salmon carved from the frame are processed in the same way as Smoked Wild Salmon Stix. Same ingredients and characteristics as the Salmon Stix. Sold in 50 gram packages.

Flavours: From time to time, particularly in time for the Christmas market season, we make Sweet Jerky with our signature flavours.