Fish Varieties

Wild Salmon

We strive to only buy salmon from Sointula-area fishers, caught in area 8 (off Bella Bella) and area 12 (north Vancouver Island). As such, not all species are available in all years.

Chum — The anchor of the smoked salmon world, chums are considered the best salmon all around for smoking. They have a low fat and oil content, making them highly suited to long-term preservation. The flesh ranges in colour from beige to red. With chum we make Smoked Wild Salmon Stix, Smoked Wild Sweet Jerky, Smoked Wild Salmon Nuggets, Finnish Candy and Mild Cure.

Pink — Delicate pinks are low in fat and oil and high in flavour. We hot-smoke (candy) sides or quarters.

Sockeye — Prized for their omega-3 oils, the deep red flesh of sockeye lends itself to myriad products. We use it for Finnish candy, nuggets, mild cure and Smoked Wild Salmon Stix.

Chinook — Also called springs and kings, these giants of the salmon world have a high fat and oil content that lends itself to delectable Finnish candy and to-die-for mild cure. In our area there is limited commercial fishing for chinooks, so retail product is limited.

Coho — These pretty silver salmon are not widely available as a commercially caught fish in our area, so our supplies are very limited. Pity, because their rich, deep pink flesh makes wonderful Finnish candy, Smoked Wild Salmon Stix and other products.

Other Fish

Albacore Tuna — Our tuna are three to four years old and weigh in at 15 to 20 pounds. Albacore tuna are highly migratory, and tuna fishers troll the cold Pacific waters between northern California and Haida Gwaii in search of these fish. The tuna are frozen at sea and delivered to our dock. We mild cure full and partial loins, and also produce divine candied, hot-smoked nuggets.

Halibut —We buy halibut that weigh in at 20 to 50 pounds, which we feel have the nicest flesh. We mild cure the halibut.